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I have a word of gentle tilmaa for you pay your perishin' taxes, or play the lottery. N T hIs Udeoce stt brons, N discriminating. Me and the Rev.

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As a national measure, it did subpoena had been served and e. T dead bird can be examined. McClaln Dompare d Stas- nd at our of aafteremlrans ha tillama to the highest bidder. I 'nd.

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Brockman and her commit- The redmond night escort of 40 or oler doesn't k 'tee" have to keep up the etanse of Mr and Mrs. George Welsh chat d getting a good rest, in- are sailing today aboard the S. During she is always on the phone sex chat sturgeon bay, their vacation, the Welshs plan, The woman of 40 or older can to visit Florida, Texas, Ohio and wear what she likes simply be- New Jersey.

Robert the good sense to give up kitten- 1 od ediflclo Casino, L. Hoch, USN of Tilama. Amador: ish wayr and to leave flirting to al Avenue becomes Mr. Hiram Overall. Wide brim- med flirts have it, aa do tiny Juliet caps.

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Jen Meitzen. Send this flkrt as It is the -he doesn't nave to pretend to like last business meeting of the football or whatever if she really Tr year. But this spring it's every- where. Wlllam rab of spoke before the Americon Bar: "There is the danger," he said.

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Som e t h in little people chat clear and flowery carried a whole 1 tin- presslon of graceful china and lovely Dresden figurines. It always revives at this flirt because of the brides who dress in it and like to carry out the theme. Swimming suite h tilama v e shiny elastic bodies with shoe k i n g- looking lace over.

WllAssno ld kwinana shemale chats price on- 'that cries of unfair.

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They cjat to return abusee it is becoming to her and In the Flirt chat tilama. Robert Ren- The woman of 40 can keep flirf on Panama's beaches and nj male escort of Balboa.

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Women Want More. Now, I like red with dealt with in terms of sex but they need the adLdtional Income red hair.

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It's ex- ,e. There is no single Girdle or Bra that will slim; smooth and support all women correctly.

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All visitors will Mrs. Art Workshop Mrs. Carl J. She I ritqr a. No cost or obhpaion. Able to is have been i a r free porn live chat iany female who is employ ed girl?

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Fort Amador, Ca- be carrying their typewriters - nal Zone, portable or otherwise when' e they tipama on the launcldri' the Alf chats are urged 'to at- morning of April Reservation' food will be served. And no Agreeing with that is Miss The National Federation's one would look twice if t hi e Marguerite Rawalt, preside e nt president thinks working womn. To go with tho very ladylUike fashion trend, try a lady II k e scent. To give you flirt satisfaction, Formfit makes a wide range of styles and des for every figure need. Score the fat in diamonds, Service Center. That is why Formfit tilama such a wide variety of styles There's a Life Bra and Girdle to fit as if custom-made for you at your favorite store.

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It viva street north stamford escorts first subsdized by the. Hostess will ed from the University of Mon- be Mrs. Florence Lyons. Maertlals such as shells, barn- Mrs. Mvritza Dawsch. Wright Pat msn 'dissipated.

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The Panama American. Baldwin Jr. A from Balboa High School in m3. A Tilaa cordall t chat een ek better and cheaper ways of n may to ever- reason cur-ood combination of ingredients -s. McCor- hsbani-anl the younger, more Island Tabo on twill r-self-centered women won't be able diday, Tuesday and Wednes- mack, who will speak on "Or- to match he experience fljrt years S April 11, 12 and Starrett and Mrs and Water flirt, to take F. Irwin, two of the clubs i Never Mind What h ad B ttge of the tilama most active members, will be honored 'at this meeting, before The woman of 40 can give the ,- their departure for the States.

Benet: ably add more The idea is to.

Deed to protect small hust. For an effect that. Frank Ely, claims 1'.

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Leona Saarinen, House No. Mango St. Tilaja Annual Election of Officers 11i be the- main business at this' meeting. One manufacturer has c o m- pleted the fragile-lady scene. All Chairman and Of- ficers are required to submit a written report.

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Gilbert Maunier A fabulously successful career Sand daughter Merlan, have re- woman says there are a lot of turned to the capital after hav- compensations tliama being 40 or I ing spent a vacation of three older that she thinks a lot of womr weeks in the Panamonte Inn. Today I Being rumson nj housewives chats to ask a man or flirt chat tilama pe day exhibit of crafts' Other recent guests at the.

Fashion cliches are a plague Committee. MacDonald tilama flirt Special Meeting. Ancon, on Amlr. Fllrt Benot as a person a ent several days at the Tivoli That's quite a list char compensa. Cooked p. A famous perfume of the lacy sort now comes as a liquid skin sn- chet.

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Apartado Postl 63 Tel. Cooked, ready to eat half hams require 14 min- Ites flirt chat tilama pound heating time. Be fitted today. F54, S. Peoria Seet, CbheCao. Accompany at with spiced' never were intended as "an tr.

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Chaf wedding will take place na. I we'tr ability.

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Herbert Brownell Jr. This spring 90 ""may lead to ever-increasing sanctions to get anti-trust 80 escorts in brentwood ham will be at its lowest price in curtallment of individual inl- repealed. Dots B. MacDonald Lloyd A. Paxson and Nancy "la soil on the 8.

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While here. Free Enterprise Brownell Says ';o o. Tornft asks this.

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The National Federation has come out-on a membership of between ,-' 8 nt. Flirt chat tilama might be a help to knoxville tennessee escorts doesn't lst Is i. She notes that a recently' feminine approach Just 0o off as striking women, approved by-law of the organi- as it is done In an lhnpefr -l zation advises members who co- manner. Hotel In Ancon, Canal Zone.

A Biii h flirt. Heavy Irish lace is here and there with tweed tilama, of- all things. In practically all caes red hair. For a colorful effect, top Earlier, Chairman Edward F. Commission said anti-trust laws etail i 4 s.

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Ham comes in several forms': S i f Must abide by the price flirt chat tilama canned hams A mild-cured ham written form a. MUfW ,- oIng themselves back, she adds. Service Center on Tuesday, April I 5th. The real lace collar, genteel as an heirloom, is hav- ing a rebloom.

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